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Education Excellence with In Home Tutoring

Education Services


In Home Tutoring
Complimentary In - Home Consulting services are available for all of our new students and families. We offer tutoring for all grades and subjects to assist students advancing in their educational studies. We have carefully selected and hired only the best and most highly qualified tutors.

Test Prep Evalaution Plans
Consultants are available to evaluate and recommend the best plan and goals to help your student to achieve maximum results with tests. Success begins with our expert tutors! They are available, prepared and able to empower your student for academic excellence. It is highly recommended to prepare and schedule for test prep sessions at least six weeks in advance twice a week for maximum results.

Private School Consulting
Schedule a visit with our consultant Louise Biccum to guide you through the elementary Kindergarten Private School process. With over 20 years of experience and success helping parents in the Atlanta area it pays to have expert liaison support. This is a process often unfamiliar and overwhelming for parents of very young children. Additional guidance and consulting services are available to assist parents review and comprehend the JATP process, complete the application forms and clarify particulars about the student’s observations and interviews.

Special Needs Student Support
Support for Students with Learning Challenges and Disabilities are always asensitive matter and one we are passionate about handling with care and sensitivity. Consulting for support services, resources or tutoring is a way for us to partner with parents on either an as needed basis or for long term goal setting. Our professional experienced dedicated tutors will work with your special needs student to create the maximum learning potential.

Homeschool Consulting
If you need to hire a tutor or a teacher we can provide you the support and partnership you need for success with your Homeschool Program. If you are moving your child from either a public or private school into a Homeschool environment, we can guide you down the right path. Our Consultants can customize a program, make curriculum recommendations and also provide guidance with the enrollment process. Additional support services are also available to provide a liaison support for Georgia State required standards.



Advance Tutoring Education Services accepts the following:


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